About Us

We make it easy for anyone to feel safe and secure in their home.

What we do

We secure homes through innovative systems

Sleep peacefully knowing that your home is secured by the most reliable home security company in the UK, we provide everything from smart AI cameras to alarms, lighting and more. 

AIREVS take pride in knowing the service we provide for customers around the Uk helps reduce crime and keeps people safe.

Everything you need to secure your home in one place

You don’t need to worry about security ever again, prevention and detection are at the heart of our security services.

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Our unique security services

Innovative security solutions for everyone

Low maintenance

Once we've installed your home security system you don't need to worry about maintaining or fixing anything.

Motion sensing

All our security cameras come with motion detection systems and alert you about any unusual movements throughout the day.

Hidden cameras

Our premium packages come with several hidden camera installations, perfect to ensure the most vulnerable people are protected.

Remote monitoring

You can view your security cameras from anywhere around the world, whether your at work or on holiday you'll always be in control.

Quality assured

We use the best quality cameras to ensure the highest level of security is maintained at your property at all times.

Outstanding support

We provide daily support to ensure our customers always have the help they need if they ever encounter any issues with their security system.

Professional installation

We provide professional installation as part of our security system package to ensure the highest level of securty is maintained at


Our security cameras come with built in microphones to ensure you can communicate with anyone in your home at all times.


All our security packages include motion sensor light installations because thief's hate bright lights, lights are huge deterrent.


If you opt in for our premium service we'll report any suspicious activity to the police so they can take quick action.

2-way cameras

We provide two way cameras to ensure you're property is covered from all directions, acting as a further deterrent.


We ensure we keep our installation very confidential to ensure the highest level of security is always maintained.

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